Do you feel the need to test out your gaming skills? Here are some great gaming quizzes for the winter season. Take a refresher course about the franchises with recent releases such as Mario Party Superstars or Halo Infinite before you dive in.

As the year winds down and temperatures drop, it seems like a good time to get out your winter gear and test your knowledge. Many game franchises returned to the spotlight in 2021, while established giants continued their reign. There is much more information to digest from major companies, both new and old. These are the best winter quizzes.


Master Chief triumphantly returns to the Halo franchise. Humanity is at the edge of extinction when a new enemy has emerged. You have to fight back against the tides and restore hope for all.

With Halo Infinite now available, and the solo campaign soon to follow, it’s time to get up to speed on the franchise’s history. It’s no surprise that one of the most popular FPS series is full of helpful information. When you step into the shoes of Master Chief again, make sure you are up to speed.

Halo Infinite can be purchased on Xbox consoles or PC.

Halo Infinite- Forever We Fight – Official Full Length


No one says that all media related to games is terrible when adapted to other media. Riot has produced Arcane, a significant product that focuses on the world of League of Legends. Sisters Vi and Jinx must navigate an arcane world filled with warring ideologies and arcane technology.

It doesn’t take much to explain the franchise it is based on. League of Legends is a popular MOBA that has been around for more than a decade. It is unlikely that its popularity will decrease anytime soon, with worldwide competitions offering incredible cash prizes. Re-familiarizing yourself seems like a good call.


The legendary RPG franchise continues to thrive as it has always done. Remakes in Gold and pearl of the Gen 4 mainline titles have been released. A spinoff, Legends Arceus, is also available. In the short term, fans will enjoy themselves a lot.

There’s plenty of Pokemon information to be absorbed with the many remakes and spinoffs. An iconic franchise like this will always have some knowledge. There will be more to come, whether it is remakes of classic games and the future of the mega-hit that the company has made.

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond are now available on Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch


Nintendo made the theme of revisiting the past a focus for Mario Party. After attempting to reboot the series with Super Mario Party, the company decided that it was time to be relaunched. Mario Party Superstars was released last month. It takes everything that the franchise is and makes it modern.

What will you do with all the information that has been brought in from before? Can you spot the differences between now and then? A complete party game that includes 100 minigames, five boards and a variety of visual references. You can fill in the gaps without any assistance.

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