The Witcher Season 3 Scripts Are Already Written

Freya Allan, who is preparing for season 2’s launch on Netflix, revealed that she had already read the scripts of The Witcher season 3 and called them “exciting.”

Freya Allan revealed that she had already seen the scripts for The Witcher season 3. She called them exciting. Allan plays the role of Ciri in the fantasy series alongside Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Anya Chalotra. The Witcherseason 2, available on the streaming site, will debut on December 17.

The Witcherseason 1, Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer (Chalotra) and Princess Cirilia (“Ciri”) of Cintra explored their lives over nearly five decades before finally coming to an end in the finale. Geralt must protect Ciri and train her to defend themselves against all threats, both human and beast after Geralt and Ciri have finally reunited as predicted in season 1. Yennefer, who disappeared after casting a powerful curse, is still missing. Netflix announced The Witcher Season 3 even before season 2. One of the series’ stars revealed that she had a glimpse at what was to come.

Allan revealed that she had seen the scripts for season 3. While she tried to avoid spoilers, she stated that although she wasn’t sure when it would air, she believed it wouldn’t be too far in the future. Allan also shared her thoughts about what she read. She called the scripts interesting and believes the season will be fantastic. Below is Allan’s complete quote

Netflix is heavily investing in The Witcher franchise. It is based on Andrzej sapkowski’s novels. The streaming service has also approved several other projects set in the world of The Witcher. In August, a live-action prequel series called The Witcher: Blood Origin began filming in the UK. It promises to explore the origins and Elven civilization. Several animated projects were also revealed, including The Witcher’s Nightmare of the Wolf. This will be followed by another animated feature and a series aimed at families.

Netflix is committed to Hissrich’s long-term vision, with The Witcher third announced as soon as season 2. Allan’s comments about the upcoming plans are a positive sign. It shows that Allan has mapped out the storyline of Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer. Fans of the fantasy series The Witcher will not be disappointed by the suggestion that production might happen soon.

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