Titans Finally Remember The Most Important Part Of Dick Grayson’s Batman Relationship

Titans Season 3 focuses on a crucial aspect of Bruce Wayne’s father-son relationship with Dick Grayson that is often overlooked. The comic’s most well-known sidekick story is about how Dick Grayson became Robin. Bruce Wayne is already parading around in Batman’s costume as he watches the Flying Graysons perform at Haly’s Circus. His awe turns into terror when the Graysons’ family dies from a crime of criminal sabotage. Only Dick Grayson, the young Dick Grayson, is unharmed. Bruce recalls his childhood and offers the orphan a place to call home. This naturally involves putting a mask on the child and then going out into the night to punch criminals.
Both DC comic lore and Titans portray Batman as a father figure for Dick Grayson. This relationship continues to follow Robin into his adult life as Nightwing. Although their relationship can be complicated at times, it is not unlike many father-son relationships. Dick strives to impress Bruce, and Bruce is proud of the man Dick has become, even though he may not always say it. Titans’s season 3 episode, Batman kills Joker, shows that their relationship is more complicated than comics. Dick immediately begins recruiting Robins after Jason Todd’s death, then vanishes from Gotham. Titans’ season 3 episode “Prodigal” reminds the audience of the most important, but often overlooked, part of Dick Grayson’s father-son relationship – Dick Grayson had a father.

After suffering fatal injuries at Random Bystander #4, Dick Grayson is thrown into a Lazarus pit in “Prodigal.” While the mystic water heals his wounds, Dick’s mind faces a lifetime’s worth of trauma. He is jealous of Jason Todd, makes mistakes as leader of the Titans and, of course, the pressure to be adopted as Batman. He realizes that Bruce Wayne is not the father he needs. John Grayson is. This realization leads Dick to have a dream-like talk with his dad, and then he is resurrected from the Lazarus pit.

Ohn Grayson isn’t an essential character in DC mythology. Although New 52 continuity would add a minor connection with the Court of Owls, John Grayson was born to have a son and then die so that Dick can join Bruce and become Robin. It’s not often that John Grayson’s father’s time is shown instead of the scenes between Dick Bruce and Bruce. Therefore it’s natural that Batman is often portrayed as the prominent father figure. Bruce’s role in shaping young Dick Grayson was crucial by guiding him towards vigilantism and being there during an often difficult time of his adolescence.

Batman stories forget that Dick Grayson was eight years old when his parents died. He was young enough to recall John and Mary’s values and teachings and their parenting approach. As Bruce remembers Thomas Wayne’s lessons, Dick should also remember John Grayson. It makes sense to focus on Batman and John, but the Graysons should be more prominent in real life than they are. Titans season 3 makes a rare acknowledgment of this Robin trope. It reminds viewers (and Dick Grayson) that Batman wasn’t the only father in his life. Season 3 addresses the Beast Boy problem that has been lingering since the beginning of season 1. Ryan Potter portrays Beast Boy. It was undoubtedly a highlight of the year. Titans Since the 2018 live-action DC show premiered, there has been the elephant in the room (or Not Gar’s powers are discussed in detail (in the room). Beast Boy’s classic abilities in DC comics allow him to transform into any animal he sees and adopt the appropriate attributes. In Titans, Gar has a limited range of skills. He is He was good with tigers and had a brief flirtation as a snake. However, that is about the extent of his shape-shifting abilities.

CGI costs constitute a significant stumbling block in real life. Game of Thrones’ dragons could be written out for half an episode. Undoubtedly, titans would love for Ryan Potter to be transformed into a different animal each week, but they don’t have the budget. It’s understandable, but Titans never explained Beast Boy’s particular skills in canon. Season 1’s “Doom Patrol” merely speculated that the issue was psychological, without explaining why he occasionally creates new animals like bats or snakes.

Titans season3 has taken steps towards resolving this issue. Season 3’s premiere features a lonely Gar complaining over his popcorn consumption and watching animal YouTube videos.

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