Forget about blood-soaked balrogs or puke-soaked zombies. The most intelligent servants of Chaos know it’s all about manipulation, schemes and unpredictability. Next year, the ever-shifting Tzeentch will be making his way into Total War: Warhammer 3.

After Cathay and Kislev had already met them, Sega introduced the third faction to Total Warhammer 3’s pileup. Tzeentch armies, which are less open-fronted and pushy than the Chaos gods, focus more on mobility and wizardry. They can throw spells at foes from far away while armored warriors ride flying disks frisbee to their way into brawls with lightning speed.

Kairos Fateweaver is the leader of this army. He is a large, two-headed birdman who can cast spells much faster than his contemporaries and gains access to more powerful magics as his followers battle.

It sounds like you have an arsenal of tools that can be used to play the role of a master manipulator and strategist. Fateweaver has special “Changing of the Ways” actions that can manipulate diplomatic situations, lift the fog of warfare, and alter the power of magic on the world map to your satisfaction.

The Total War blog has more details about how Tzeentch armies work, including how cults will worship you and how to teleport your armies fully. Next year’s installment will not only add new armies to Total Warhammer’s extensive roster but also fix some of the series’ less-loved sieges.

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