Trevenant Joins Pokemon Unite to Be a Defender

Treant will be joining Pokemon Unite as the newest addition to the MOBA’s roster. Trevenant was first introduced on the 3DS during the Pokemon X, Y, and Y games. He will act as a Defender once it is available – which should be pretty soon.

Trevenant will arrive in Pokemon Unite on January 20. It uses a variety of Ghost-type, Grass-type attacks against its foes. The developers have not released details on Trevanant’s stats and attack, but you can watch the video below to see how the Pokemon deal some damage.

Trevenant Joins Pokemon Unite to Be a Defender

Trevenant being a Defender type means it will likely have high endurance and an AoE attack to crowd control. This makes it ideal for both attacking and defending allies. While Defenders are better at taking damage than doing damage, even veteran players like Crustle can still dominate the field.

More details about the move-set for Trevenant will be available at Pokemon Unite next week on January 20.

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