People often give gifts to show gratitude during the holidays. Adult children love being able to give gifts to their parents. One Twitch streamer managed to make his online fame a huge gift for his parents.

It can be a lucrative career if you attract a loyal audience to Twitch streaming. Xposed, a Canadian Twitch streamer is primarily online to stream casino games. He has a huge following on Twitch with 425,000 and YouTube with another 200,000.

The streamer captured and shared a moment at his Christmas family gathering, where he announced his intent to pay off his parent’s mortgage. The video shows Xposed’s parents opening a gift-wrapped package and grabbing a letter. Xposed’s mother, who reads the letter aloud, thanked his parents for raising her son and revealed that he wanted to repay their kindness by paying their mortgage off. As he reached the last part of the letter, his parents quickly fell into tears. Xposed then slides a check for the remainder and urges his father to get out of work early.

Xposed was a major Christmas present for his family. Despite only being 25 years old, Xposed raised enough money to give this gift. In the past, online personalities such as YouTube and other Twitch streamers have been spotted making large investments or buying extravagant presents for themselves.

Some streamers make huge donations to charities or other worthy causes. Major Twitch streamer xQc encourages viewers to give to smaller streamers rather than giving him subs or donations. Although Xposed’s gift is more beneficial to streamers closer to home than others, it’s still a generous gesture, and he expressed gratitude to his viewers for allowing him to do it.

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