Valheim Update Lets Players Make Jack-O-Lanterns Out of Turnips

Many games will include quests and limited-time items in their patches for the Halloween season. Valheim added the craftable Jack-O-Turnip in order to keep the lonely Vikings company over the dark Halloween season.

Valheim is a survival-based PVE game from Iron Gate Studio. It allows gamers to take on Odin’s enemies and restore order to the Norse land for which it was named. The game doesn’t just focus on eliminating enemies. The game offers a wide range of crafting and weapon skills. The open-world survival game has a new crafting decoration: the Jack-O-Turnip.

In keeping with the history and agriculture of the area, you can make Jack-O-Lanterns using turnips. This is historically what they were made from. Valheimgame posted a recent tweet showing a Viking enjoying a meal with his turnip-head friend, the Jack-O-Turnip. These decorations can be made from Valheim turnip seeds or a few other materials. You can access the furniture tab near your workbench. The new friend will require additional resin to keep it lit once it is crafted. It’s similar to a torch.

Hotfix Valheim will allow player’s Vikings to have a more successful time combatting fulings, as the creatures will spread and circle more. Players feedback led to the adjustment of stamina costs for many melee weapon types, such as atgeirs and pickaxes, maces, and swords.

These items require less stamina, which can be a benefit to many players during combat. The communities response to the Hearth update prompted the community to provide some buffs for certain foods. The new patch includes updated meals such as minced meat, blood pudding, or boar jerky. This will increase stamina and health, not just one. Deer stew and bread have also had their benefits extended.

Fans love the Jack-O-Turnip, a clever nod to Halloween that is well-received. The players are eager to place their spooky turnips wherever and whenever they can in the Norse world. Iron Gates has yet to confirm if the seasonal item will be around. The Valheim community still hopes that future updates will include more seasonal items.

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