Valkyrae and Corpse Husband Have Apparently Met in Real Life

These quarantine times have allowed many Twitch streamers to be isolated, which has led to social collaborations that were not possible otherwise. This was a great way to make new friends, with one fan favorite being the one between Valkyrae (popular Twitch streamer) and Corpe Husband.

In 2020, Corpse and Valkyrae met for the first time at an Between Us lobby. Their friendship exploded from there. They have been playing many other online social interaction games together with streamers. Valkyrae was even asked to play Corpse for Machine Gun Kelly’s music video.

He is afraid to meet new people because of Corpse’s illness. Many were not sure if Valkyrae was the person Corpse felt most comfortable with, despite their close friendship. Valkyrae revealed that she had met Corpse last week during a stream.

One of their long-standing jokes was that Corpse was very interested in Valkyrae’s silver brick. She promised to deliver it to him personally if they met in person. After a secret meeting, they were finally able achieve this. Valkyrae stated that she no longer had her silver brick. Other friends of Corpse include Sykkuno and TinaKitten. They also have the opportunity to meet with other YouTubers like Jacksepticeye or Anthony Padilla.

This news was welcomed by many fans who expressed their delight at the mutual support. Many also appreciated that Valkyrae kept their meeting details secret. Many people on Twitter circulated an image of a man they believe to be Corpse last week. There were many negative comments about the man’s appearance.

Although it isn’t confirmed that the man in the photo was Corpse, the comments were not unfounded. Many were grateful that Corpse had a friend to support him through this difficult time. Unfortunately, this only fueled his desire to isolate himself from the outside world. It is great that Corpse has caring and patient friends like Valkyrae, who will be there for him regardless of whether or not he chooses to come out.

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