Valkyrae’s RFLCT Skin Care Line Shuts Down Following Controversy

YouTube streamer Valkyrae’s RFLCT skin care line was shut down shortly after its launch. This was due to controversy over the controversial blue-light claims. Rachell Hoftsetter, better known as Valkyrae, gained fame streaming on Twitch. However Valkyrae signed a YouTube Gaming exclusive deal in January 2020. Her large YouTube audience was introduced to RFLCT by her in October. These products claimed to protect skin from harmful blue light, which is emitted among other sources. RFLCT and Valkyrae faced a lot of backlash when the brand was revealed.
Due to insufficient evidence to support its claim that blue light emitted by screens causes skin damage, RFLCT’s credibility was questioned. Critics pointed out that the negative effects of blue light on skin have not been proven. They suggested that a skincare product with a protection formula was unlikely. In a voice recording that was deleted and posted to Twitter, Valkyrae addressed the RFLCT critics. She expressed her sympathy with those who were concerned about the brand’s claims of being a fraud and was surprised that the RFLCT website didn’t cite scientific studies backing its blue-light claims. She concluded her recording promising to continue exploring this topic in future.

After this backlash, Valkyrae’s RFLCT skin care line was shut down. The official RFLCT Twitter account, which has since been deleted, announced that it was discontinuing its products on October 30. It stated, “While the formulations were excellent, we have reflected and decided to take new steps, effectively ending the RFLCT brand.” The same message is displayed on RFLCT’s official website. A search for the brand name on Ulta Beauty’s website returns “No products found.”

Valkyrae was named co-owner of 100 Thieves’ esports brand in April. This is not her first venture. Valkyrae’s online reputation likely suffered from the collapse of RFLCT. Both Valkyrae and the brand did not acknowledge that RFLCT’s claims of blue light skin protection were unproven during the cosmetics scandal. RFLCT claims have not been retracted by Valkyrae, although she has deleted her support tweets for the product.

It will be time to see if Valkyrae addresses the discontinuation RFLCT in the coming days. Since the brand’s cancellation has not been announced, it is possible that either one or both of them will make official statements. Valkyrae was previously subject to online pressure from people. She and her team have been getting a lot of negative engagement since the RFLCT controversy. Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa was recently banned from Twitch and Tiktok. The streamer is well-known for streaming streams from a hot bathtub and hosting ASMR streams, which include whispering into a microphone to allow viewers to hear her seductively. Amouranth was reportedly burned to death in a August house fire. The streamer believed it was arson.

Twitch recently became involved in several public controversies that left both streamers as well as viewers unhappy. Streamers and fans have been subject to harassment and offensive language on Twitch’s live streaming platform. Despite this being brought to the attention by Twitch administrators no steps were taken to address the hostile environment. A streamer protest and viewer demonstration titled #ADayOffTwitch took place on September 1. This event saw a drop in website traffic of around 15%. However, Twitch has not made any changes to address the inciting issues since the protest.

Dot Esports has reported that Kaitlyn Siragusa ‘Amouranth” Siragusa has been banned from Twitch and Instagram. This is the fifth ban for Amouranth from Twitch. Her highly suggestive content was reportedly responsible for previous incidents. Amouranth was recently expelled from multiple platforms without giving any reason. ASMR streamer Kaitlyn has not been removed from Twitch as an official Twitch Partner, suggesting that her ban from streaming could be temporary. Kaitlyn, her personal Twitter account, stated that she is financially secure and will continue to produce content for YouTube.
Live streaming has grown to be a huge industry over the past few years. Streamers who are successful can make substantial profits. Twitch recently revealed streamer payouts and other confidential information. This information reveals how much streamers can make. After only a few years, Twitch’s most popular streamers have made millions of dollars streaming video games. Although niche streamers such as Amouranth might not earn as much as the top earners on Twitch, this leak shows how successful they can be streaming in a short time.

Although the reason behind Amouranth’s ban is still unclear, it is not Amouranth’s first time being banned on Twitch. It is unusual for Amouranth to be expelled from Instagram and Tiktok, as these sites are not owned jointly by any parent company. Amouranth has been expelled from all three social media platforms, indicating that she is having problems with them. YouTube is her only option to create new content and explain the situation. Amouranth’s past success on Twitch has made her financially secure so the ban is not a major inconvenience.

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