Warzone Firing Range Addition is Atop Players’ Wish List

Call of Duty fans thinks they’ve done well this year. Raven Studios will gift them a firing range with the December update. The free-to-play game was launched worldwide in March 2020. It has hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. Despite the intense competition in the battle royale free-to-play genre, CoD: Warzone has enjoyed strong support from its fans.

F2P Call of Duty Warzone multiplayer mode allows fans to connect their progress from previous releases and the most recent CoD: Vanguard. The December update will add a new Pacific map called Caldera to CoD Warzone’s Battle Royal mode. This substantial update will address bugs and add assets from Vanguard to the F2P servers. These updates will be welcomed, but players have long requested a place to test their weapons and load-outs.

Reddit user Challenge posted an image of a firing range, allowing players to adjust to the gun’s recoil and test their weapons before they face off against online opponents. In the hope that developers will see their messages, gamers have had moderate success posting to video game subreddits. Raven Studios was contacted to plead for such a feature in the COD: WarzoneCOD: Vanguard integration updates scheduled for December 8th.

Since the launch of C0D: Warzone, players have asked for a firing line. A firing range allowed players to test weapons and load-outs in previous games, such as CoD: WWII or CoD: Advanced Warfare. With the upcoming integration update, the developer can make significant changes to CoD: Warzone and add features to satisfy fans. Players may spend hours customizing weapons only to realize that it’s not what they want when they’re dropped into matches they don’t know how to play.

Since 2003, the Call of Duty series is still in existence and has produced 24 titles. The series is not slowing down, and there are no signs that it will. However, we must listen to fans and make the game as accessible as possible to keep up with other highly successful battle royale games such as Fortnite or Apex legends. One of the largest gaming companies is currently developing Call of Duty Warzone. Gamers can hope that they will be listening to their fans and not just focus on sales figures.

Unlucky Warzone players find themselves in the unfortunate position of not being able to see helpful Recon contracts. Warzone is now in a new era. Call of Duty and a Pacific-themed map for Warzone have both been released. However, the game’s unfortunate bugginess seems not to have subsided.

Call of Duty still has its battle royale mode, although integration with Vanguard may be delayed. Warzone continues to be one of the most popular games globally. It had begun to collaborate with television and film properties, continuing a trend that started when Warzone was first released. Warzone released new licensed skins last month to celebrate Halloween. They were designed to recreate Ghostface from Scream and Frank the Rabbit. The Donnie Darko skin had some unfortunate consequences for Warzone players. While there are new collaborations with WarzoneVanguard to integrate, one trend that will not change is the game’s glitchy nature.

Reddit user King_Bobzilla discovered a new and frustrating glitch showing a Recon contract spawned on a chandelier. King_Bobzilla pointed out that the Recon contract’s positioning makes it difficult for players to obtain the contract. Reddit user King_Bobzilla also commented on the issue, saying that the bug happened twice in the same game.

This is extremely frustrating for Warzone players, as Recon contracts can be valuable to those who can get them. The player and their squadmates can capture the Recon contract to give them loot, cash, and valuable information. Completing the Recon contract will show the players where the next safe zone is on the map. This allows them to position themselves strategically as the circle closes. Although this comes with some risk as it also discloses the locations of nearby enemies to the players, the reward is often well worth the risk.

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