Call of Duty Warzone introduces an Anti-Cheat system

It’s even easier to cheat. You’ll find a lot of cheats when you search for them. Some are free, but it is possible to get third-party software for free. There are also those who are more miserable and will pay for cheating software.

You would think it would be simple to detect these cheaters. It is easy to observe someone kill you from anywhere on the map, and then see their suspicious behavior and report them. You can try to get the player banned, but cheaters are very sneaky about their hacks. You will rarely be able to watch a battle royale if you are killed.

Call of Duty developers announced on the 13th of Oct that they will be launching an Anti-Cheat program called RICOCHET in order to combat cheating in Warzone.

A new kernel-level driver

RICOCHET server enhancements are being launched along with a new kernel-level driver for PCs. This kernel will be internally developed for Call of Duty and launched first with Warzone. This driver will be used to identify cheaters and improve server security. You might also be curious:

What is a kernel-level driver?

Any PC player should know what a kernel-level drive looks like. The kernel is basically a computer program that has full access to your entire system.

The kernel will automatically load when you turn on your computer. The kernel’s code is stored in memory, and protected from other programs. This allows the kernel and your apps to work together without interfering with each other.

The kernel is designed to protect games from third-party cheating programs, but it can also affect other aspects of your computer. The kernel can block certain drivers from loading on your computer, and it will do so during boot-up if it considers them ‘unsafe’.

Overclocking tools, temperature monitors, and fan controllers are just a few examples.

Kernel-level controversy

Kernel-level drivers can also have full access to your computer. Both Genshin Impact and Doom Eternal are subject to controversy for their anti-cheat kernel programs.

Furthermore, and this should not be taken with any salt, some are concerned about spy-level issues. Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate, owns Riot. They also own part of Activision Blizzard as well as Epic Games. There are some theories about the possibility of a new Cold War spying on PC users. Riot responded by launching the driver ” doesn’t collect or send any information.”

Call of Dutywant to address the cheating problem. If that means taking more drastic measures, then so be it. Another Reddit user thought the same thing, writing: “Something regarding Activision kernel-level accessibility to my computer doesn’t sit right for me… but at a time when I’ve been killed off so many cheaters that I couldn’t give a damn at this point.”

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