Werewolf Origin Story & Who Plays Her & Who Is Legacies’ Finch?

Finch returned to the Season 4 premiere. Fans playing catch-up have been curious about her character and her story. Finch Tarrayo first appeared in season 3. However, her role was expanded as she became more integral to the story. She’ll be playing a more significant role in season 4 because she is at Salvatore School.

The Legacies season four premiere continued the storyline from last season. The first few episodes of season 3 were initially intended to air in season 3. This season’s first episode will focus on the Malivore story. The Malivore was still stealing Landon’s body. With Cleo (Omono Okojie), and Aria Shahgahsemi (the honest Landon) trapped inside, the Salvatore School Gang devised a clever plan to get inside Malivore. Kaleb (Chris Lee), using his vampire mind-meld abilities to get him (and Alaric (Matthew Davis), into Malivore’s subconscious and keep them distracted, was MG (Quincy Fouse), who then used his vampiric powers and slipped Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), deeper into Malivore’s subconscious unnoticed.

Josie (Kaylee) and Lizzie (19th-century Jenny Boyd) sat outside Malivore’s cage, watching. They were there to use their magic to keep him under control or pull out anyone who was not following the plan. As she does every time, Hope abandoned the team’s plans and alerted Malivore. Josie and Lizzie were Siphoners and had to use a dangerous Siphoner spell to siphon energy from someone to save their friends and corral them. Finch was brave and willing to help, but she has severely drained and sick afterward.

The episode was not all about magic casting and danger. The Legacies Season 4 premiere further bonded Finch and Josie. Finch showed her loyalty and care for Josie by volunteering to siphon someone. She also convinced Lizzie that she was a good match for Josie. She is clearly in it for the long term. The audience was curious to know who played Finch, her story as a werewolf, and what season 4 might bring.

Who is Finch in Legacies and Where Have You Seen Her?

Courtney Bandeko plays Finch. Courtney Bandeko is Finch’s actress. She was cast in Legacies HTML3_ season 3. It was rumored that she would be a new character and a potential love interest for Josie. Bandeko was a guest character in Legacies in the first half. She was a Mystic Falls High student Josie had a crush on, and her mysterious nature made her less than a flirtatious partner for Josie. Bandeko started to appear more often in Legacies season 3.

Bansko has been acting since 2013. She has also appeared in several TV shows and movies. Her most prominent and well-known role before Legacies was Emma’s in Snap Original’s zombie horror series Dead of Night. This prepared her for ‘world of monsters. She has also appeared in Frank Grillo’s MMA show Kingdom and the films Ms. Purple (2019), Adolescence (2018) and Paula & Jeff (2018). She is currently preparing for Riley’s role in the drama Pastor’s Kid. Recently, she was added to the cast of the psychological thriller Circular.

Finch’s Werewolf Origin Story in Legacies Explained

Bansko is not a stranger to the horror and supernatural genres. Legacies allow her to go one step further, being one among the supernatural creatures. Finch Tarrayo, a werewolf, has a very different backstory than the rest of Salvatore School’s tightly knit werewolf pack. The Vampire Diaries Universe lycanthropy is very different from the popular portrayals. A bite or scratch by a werewolf can’t turn a human into a vampire. Lycanthropy, instead, is a genetic condition that is passed down through families. The werewolf gene is not activated unless the werewolf causes the death of another person. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve murder. If a person with werewolf genes causes the death or injury of another person, their latent Lycanthropy can be activated.

Finch was the victim of this exact situation. Finch was emancipated at the age of 14, and little is known about her family. Legacies episode 11, “You can’t run from who you are,” strongly suggests that Finch’s home life was difficult or abusive. Her grandfather was the only relative to whom she was close. Although Grandfather Tarrayo was a good man, he did not prepare her for the future. He kept the truth from her family about the werewolf curse. Her grandfather, suffering from an unidentified and prolonged illness, confesses to Finch that his family had a “secret.” He explained that some people call it a curse while others consider it a blessing.

Finch was not allowed to choose, even though her grandfather loved her and wanted to protect her. He was not open with her. He overdosed on his “special candies” and then committed suicide. He was so close to death that he believed it would help Finch to survive. He also mentioned that it would protect him. He still managed to manipulate Finch into killing him unintentionally and activating her werewolf gene. This was without ever explaining it to Finch or clarifying that she couldn’t take it back.

Grandfather Tarrayo told Finch that he would never trust anyone. This was in addition to the fact that Finch had not been informed about her grandfather’s werewolf status before he died. Finch is tough as nails. She was not willing to be near anyone for long periods. In recent years, she has made an effort to overcome the trauma from her past and allow people in. The Legacies premiere 4 continued this trend.

Finch’s Legacies Season 4: What Might It Hold?

Finch and Lizzie’s stories will be intertwined during Legacies Season 4. The premiere episode demonstrated that. Finch is the perfect person Josie needs to be her very best self. Finch will be the driving force in their relationship for at least a while as she confronts Josie’s issues. Finch is a remarkable patient person with Josie. Perhaps because she knows what it’s like being closed-off, guarded and protective. Finch, patient or not, isn’t a doormat. Josie must be able to forgive herself if she wants Finch to continue what she has found. The premiere episode highlighted that fact. “Do you prefer a relationship that is fun, easy and stays the same, or one that grows and changes?” Finch asks Josie. Josie replies that she would instead choose one.

This line may indicate Finch’s arc and the general narrative arch for Legacies Season 4. Josie will need to make tough choices if she wants to have a happy relationship with Finch. Will she put Finch first, or will Lizzie be jealous? Will she tell Finch the truth about her dark magic? Or will she keep that part of her life secret from Finch, who is becoming increasingly frustrated? Josie doesn’t have to choose between the two options. Finch will have to decide at some point how much time she is willing to spend with Josie before she moves on.

Finch, however, will have her own story this season. Finch didn’t know how Lycanthropy works until her grandpa convinced her to trigger her werewolf genes. It was challenging to become a Salvatore School werewolf pack even after she arrived in Legacies 3. Finch had no idea what the hierarchy of werewolves was or how they worked. She even challenged the alpha Jed (Ben Levin) without knowing how serious she was. Finch is the first to have an entire group around her and, even more so, with other werewolves. Finch’s werewolf nature is not well understood. However, Legacy’s season 4, which will continue her story as a werewolf, may reveal more about how Finch has survived all these years. Finch will have to learn how to fit into a genuine Wolf Pack and what her curse is. Legacy should wrap up the Malivore storyline as there are many more fascinating stories about Finch and everyone.

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