Amazon Games’ New World launched with great success. There have been a few hiccups, but players are beginning to ask the crucial questions after a few weeks. Fraser Brown, PC Gamer’s resident war correspondent, wakes up each morning praying that he can join a war. However, he is consistently kicked out at the last minute. This is the most entertaining experience I have had with New World. Sarah James quietly grinds away, trying to build her empire and plan to destroy these little fools. Alan Dexter is about 150 hours into his work, and I am beginning to wonder if this is something that I enjoy. He is. He is.

To the delight of everyone, we have players building wicker baskets out of their homes to spell the naughty word to show their creativity. One player joked that it was “must have been an Aussie.”

Some of the things that go on around houses are more inventive. New World’s main selling point has always been player dwellings. However, many players have issues with implementation and want certain parts to be changed. Some players aren’t ready to wait for developers to act and expand their homes, such as a roof terrace.

JoFknLines writes that yesterday was the first day of building my roof deck for my third floor. However, it wasn’t very attractive or accessible. “Today, I spent hours working on it and finally achieved what I wanted, an applicable 3rd floor that works. Despite not having a high house score because of the bed spam, I found it to have the best way to accomplish everything.

Although I don’t know what bed spam is, I love MMOs for the positive player behavior they encourage. JoFknLines explained that every extra bed outside is an -8 to my decoration score. I would like this, but it doesn’t matter if it restricts my freedom to do what I want in my house.

There’s now a player who can think for themselves. You might be curious about the house height limit. The roof can be built on but not above the chimney’s height.

The classic, the oldie, is the best, the most popular activity since PvP was invented. Scams are not allowed, although there are many—massive ambushes of innocent players.

I don’t think there is anything to be said about gank squads. However, this one did hide well. It is a bit annoying when you get to the end, but it is a game that can be pretty entertaining.

The bots are here, and Amazon Games is waging war against gold farmers. TrevzorFTW, the community manager for the game’s forums, wrote:

“Adventurers, beware! We are very interested in your reports on bots and gold farmers. We are committed to fair gameplay for all. We are taking steps to remove thousands of keys that were fraudulently obtained to disrupt the game. We could help you if New World were removed from your Steam Account in error.

Watch out for the PCG New Worlders, who are looking for suspicious activity (and even wars) in your area.

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