What’s in the Metroid Dread 1.0.2 patch notes?

Metroid Dread is out now for almost a month. MercurySteam has been hard at work on fixing any bugs that have occurred since launch. The game is running well so far. Let’s now take a look at some of the minor improvements that were made to update 1.0.2.

Metroid Dread patch Notes — Ver 1.0.2

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused play time to be added when you retry a boss fight after a “game-over”.
  • Problem fixed if an enemy is hit with an Ice Missile or Shine Spark in a particular way
  • Problem with Samus’ strange jumping behavior during the Morph Ball Launcher was resolved
  • Fixed a game-breaking problem where the boss got stuck on a wall, preventing him from moving during certain attacks. This made it impossible for the boss to advance in the game.
  • Problem solved: Samus would become stuck in the wall after defeating E.M.M.I. Ferenia in a specific position

How to update Metroid Fear

Metroid Dread may automatically update for you. You can also log in to force the update. It’s possible to force the update manually, but it is quite simple.

  • Find Metroid Dread on your games list
  • Click the + button to activate your Joy Con
  • Click on “Software Update”
  • Choose ‘Via Internet’
  • It will search the internet for updates and then download them.

You can find more information on Metroid Dread updates, patch notes and other details at the Nintendo support webpage.


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