When does Fortnite Season 8: Chapter 2 End?

Fortnite – Chapter 2 – Season 8 was one of the most enjoyable seasons of Chapter 2, with tons of content. But, it’s time to look forward to a new season and a new chapter as Season 8 comes to an end.

This is where Fortnite: Season 8’s Chapter 2 ends. It also contains everything you need to know before the end.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 of Season 8 will end with The End, which will take place on Saturday, December 4th, 2021, at 4 PM ET/9 PM GMT.

Fortnite and Chapter 2 will be taken offline after the Event ends. This is the same as Chapter 1, but it’s unclear if we’ll be returning to the black hole.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8. The Story So Far

It is difficult to tell the Season 8 story in a short form because there are so many seasons of supporting stories to cover first. There are also loose ends that have yet to be answered.

It’s all about the cubes, however.

Slone, who betrayed the loopers (you the players) at the end of Season 7, exploded the alien mothership along with the loopers aboard. This caused the mothership and many cubes to begin rolling around the island.

Throughout the season, the cubes began to congregate towards the island’s middle, eventually leading to the unleashing of the Cube Queen at Fortnitemares. The Cube Queen doesn’t want to be friendly, and she wants to take down everything.

The Event will see all loopers joining forces in a final battle to decide the island’s fate. It remains to be determined if IO, The Foundation, or any other The Seven members will participate.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 8 Downtime

Fortnite: Chapter 2 of Season 8 will be down for at least 2 days. Chapter 3 will launch on December 7, 2021.

Epic will make significant changes behind the scenes to Fortnite, causing it to be down for almost three days. Players will likely have to wait and watch the black holes again, just like in Chapter 2.

What Happens to My Season 8 Battle Pass Pass?

Everything you have unlocked on your Battle Pass for Season 8 will remain yours forever. This applies even if you are a Fortnite Crew subscriber and cancel your membership – you will still have everything.

You won’t make any further progress on your Battle Pass levels after Season 8. So be sure to max it out and finish all your quests/quests before the season ends. Epic also stated that all Gold Bars would be gone at the season’s end, so they might not be coming back.

You can purchase the Battle Pass for $7.99/PS6.49 or subscribe to Fortnite Crew if you can still do not pay.

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