Why Sidney Is In Scream 2022 So Little

The Scream 2022 will bring together the three survivors from the previous movies and a new generation. But Sidney Prescott isn’t involved much in the franchise. Here’s why. The Scream franchise joins the continuing trend of reboots/sequels, or as they call them in the movie: “requels” – with a fifth installment arriving a decade after and Scream 4. The movie, Scream is titled. It follows the same continuity of Wes Craven movies and addresses new horror cliches and “rules” styles.

Scream 2022 is set 25 years after the events in the original movie. It takes viewers back to Woodsboro, where a new Ghostface murderer has started a new killing spree. Sam (Melissa Barrera), looking after Tara (Jenna Ortega) and uncovering behind the Ghostface Mask, returns to Woodsboro. The killer is now following horror movie rules and pursuing those connected to murder sprees and past killers. This brings back Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley (David Arquette), Gale Weathers, and Gale Weathers, who work together to stop the killer.

Scream 2022 would not have been complete without Sidney Prescott. However, as the reboot of this universe required a new cast and a new final character, the movie had to be made. Sidney was featured prominently in the Scream trailers, but her role was more of a cameo than an active part of the story. She appeared in the movie’s last third and took part in the showdown with the killer to cement her position as the franchise’s (first Final Girl). It might seem disappointing that Sidney isn’t given much screen time or relevance in The Story of HTML2_, but it was the right way to proceed with this “return.”

Scream 2222 is the fifth installment of the franchise created by Wes Craven & Kevin Williamson. However, it is a legacy movie that recalls older stories and characters. It also introduces new characters to the franchise if the writers so choose. Understandably, Scream will be moving on from Sidney. Sam took that role. However, Sidney remains the key to the Scream franchise. She was the central figure of each murder spree in previous movies and had to be included, even if she only played a small part. Gale and Dewey are the same. The former came out of his isolation to use everything he had learned in the past to save as many lives as possible. Gale showed up late, but not as late, as Sidney’s.

Many Scream fans expected to see Sidney Prescott more, especially after her appearances in trailers. However, her small role in 2022 fits the movie’s legacy theme and honors her role as Final Girl. It also allows for new characters and survivors who learned a lot from her and Dewey.



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