World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3: New Raids and PvP Seasons, Release Date And More

We can now start looking at the new content that will be coming to World of Warcraft: Classic Burning Crusade Phase 3. This may be a giant patch of the expansion.

Phase3 brings the much-anticipated Black Temple raid. Players can explore the old Draenei worshiping areas, now filled by enemies controlled by Lord Illidan.

The game will have a lot more content once phase 3 launches. However, phase 4 will release a casual Zul’aman and TBC’s only 10-man raid.

Release Date

Blizzard has not yet released a date for Phase 3. However, we can speculate about a possible release date.

Phase 2 was not released until September. Phase 3 is expected to be released in 2022. This makes a launch in February or January 2022 a strong contender for this patch.

A PTR has not been announced yet. This would typically see a testing period of 4-6 weeks to make sure everything works as it should.

As Phase 2 launched with bugs in new raids and daily quests, it is likely to undergo extensive testing.

Raids New

The Black Temple has finally arrived, and players can now begin Tier 6 progression. Here they will be confronted by the legendary Illidan Stormrage for all new loot and Legendary Warglaives.


The Black Temple is coming. However, the Hyjal Summit raid opens at the exact moment. This raid has tier 6 Helm & Glove Tokens players will be interested in collecting and is the first time WoW players will face Archimonde.

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