World of Warcraft: Soaring Spelltome Mount Revealed as Reward for Timewalking Event

World of Warcraftrecently revealed the return of Mage Tower. This is a series of challenging solo challenges that was popular during the Legionexpansion. Blizzard announced new rewards for players who complete the new challenges in Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 via Timewalking . This mount may be familiar to those who voted last year in the ShadowlandsMount Poll.

The poll was conducted in September 2020 during the months before the release of World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Players were able to vote on any of five concepts. The winner would receive a free mount. The Wandering Ancient mount won the poll, while the Curious Caterpillar and Soaring Spelltome were never seen. The Soaring Spelltome is back, and it has some amazing, original animations.

The Soaring Spelltome reward will be given to players who earn the achievement “A Tour of Towers”, which is earned by completing seven of the unique challenges in the Timewalking version of Mage Tower. The Mage Tower is only available during Legion Timewalking. This will be added to World of Warcraft’s cycle of Timewalking activities. To get this amazing tome, players must level multiple characters as each challenge can only be met by certain classes and specialization combinations.

The mount is extremely detailed. The Spelltome’s features include arcane particle effects, detailed script on the book pages, and a completely unique model and animations. It is comparable to rare mounts from World of Warcraft‘s harder challenges or one bought from the cash shop. The animations of the player character for the mount pose are not yet revealed, but the unfinished emote is both stylish and flashy.

It’s quite amazing that this mount managed to make it into World of Warcraft after losing the poll. The Soaring Spelltome was in the penultimate place, with only Nerubian Swarmer scoring less than it did. World of Warcraft now has the second poll’s loser added to the game. Players are crossing their fingers and hoping that the rest of the players follow the example. One can only imagine the possibilities for the Slimesaber or Caterpillar mounts, given the amount of detail that went into the Wandering Ancient who changes with the seasons and the incoming Spelltome.


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