Xbox Free Play Days Games For This Weekend Announced

After last weekend’s Hunt, Judgment, and Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition, Xbox users can now enjoy three new games thanks to Microsoft’s weekly Free Play Days promotion. Xbox Live Gold subscribers and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to all available games starting tomorrow at 12:00 AM PT. They can continue playing until Sunday at 11:00 PM PT.

Monster Energy Supercross: Outward and Golf with Your Friends will join the offer. The weekend will bring Xbox price drops for all three titles. Players can even grab Outward’s DLCs at a discounted rate.

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Video Game 4first was released earlier in the year and hit Xbox in March. It allows players to ride off-road motorcycles and compete for the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship. They’ll need to improve their riding skills and rank up along the way. You can create your own tracks and race with your friends. Monster Energy Supercross: For the weekend, 60% off the Official Video Game 4 or its Special Edition.

Outward is an open-world survival-focused RPG. It lets players explore a fantasy world in which the cold can kill them just as much as its terrifying monsters. Adventurers will be required to travel dangerously in order to survive the harsh environments and terrifying threats. They have the option to team up with players in co-op, which will help ease the burden and increase their chances of survival. can be purchased for 75% this weekend by those who enjoy Outward. You can also grab the two DLCs The Three Brothers & The Soroboreans for 67% off.

Play with Your Friends is exactly what it says on its tin. There are many mini-golf courses that players can take on with their friends. The maps range from gravity-shifting ramps to explosive fairways. Team17 created the title. This makes it a fun party game that allows players to use a variety of subversive tactics to take control. You can grab it for just $10, which is 50% off during the weekend


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