Xbox Series X Fan Creates Console Wall Mount With 3D Printer

The new era in gaming was inaugurated last year. The launch of the Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5, has opened up new possibilities for gamers. These include quick load times via SSDs. These powerful systems come at a price, however. It can be difficult to find a place for these consoles. One next-gen player found a clever way to store their Xbox Series X.

A Reddit user named Gary_BBGames posted a picture of their gaming setup. The image featured an Xbox Series X sitting on a 3D-printed wall mounted. This wall mount, which was inconspicuously designed and colored black, blends well with the rest of your room. The stand’s holes provided adequate ventilation and cable management. Gary_BBGames stated that the wall mount was chosen for the Xbox Series X as their entertainment unit was too small.

Gary_BBGames shared the process of creating the 3D-printed wall mounted for their amazing Xbox gaming system. The wall mount consisted of two parts, each taking approximately seven hours to 3D-print. Although they didn’t design the mount, they said that Shapr3D was used by the person responsible. Gary_BBGames was asked why they didn’t buy a wall mount from Amazon. He said that the materials required to print the mount were only a few dollars and that it would take less time to produce than shipping one from a retailer.

The new stand by Gary_BBGames is very popular among the Xbox community on Reddit. Many like the clean appearance that the wall mount gives to the Xbox Series X. Some people were impressed by the creative setup of Gary_BBGames, while others were afraid to attempt it. Reddit users thought it was possible for the console to fall from the stand. The creator assured Reddit users that the mount, which was 3D printed, was strong and that there was a carpet underneath the console.

As many gamers continue to search for their next-gen consoles, news about the fan-created 3D printed wall mount for Xbox Series X is important. These new consoles will be hard to find, with the expected shortage of chips continuing into 2022. It will be interesting to see if those who are able to purchase a new console, or have one already, use a 3D printed wall mounting like this one by Gary_BBGames.

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