Yep, Skyrim has spider grenades

One player posted on the Skyrim subreddit that they had come across something new, even though they’d been playing Bethesda for years. They can now craft spiders they can throw at others. You can make spiders explode into flame, jump shock spiders and poison spiders. Over the next few days, players either said they hadn’t seen them or declared they knew about the Skyrim mind-control spider grenades.

The reason spiders were so under the radar is because they are part of the Dragonborn DLC and can only be found in Solstheim. You can see them yourself by going to Windhelm’s Dock and finding a ship that will sail towards Raven Rock for 250 Gold. After that, just use Skyrim’s console commands to teleport you there.

A dungeon called White Ridge Barrow on the island’s north is where you’re headed (the location code is DLC2WhiteRidgeBarrowExterior01 if you’re using the coc command). There are some reavers (dead) and spiders (angry). You should grab the albino spider pods or eggs from any reavers you kill.

A dead dark elf, an imbuing chamber and a journal are all found inside a locked cage located in White Ridge Sanctum. These contain instructions on how to use the imbuing chamber for creating spider scrolls by combining spider pods with other ingredients. If you don’t feel like trying new things, the UESP provides a list of spider scroll recipe ideas. The spider pods found in this dungeon do not respawn. However, there is one spot close to Bloodskal Barrow that they do.

Once you have crafted some spider scrolls you can put one in each hand and use them. The ones made from damaged albino spiderpods will explode when they are in range of enemies, while the unharmed pods will result in pet spiders who follow you around until you’re gone. Mind control varieties latch onto targets and become your allies for 30 second. This can be very useful if you want to complete Dark Brotherhood questline, like YouTuber ymfah.

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