Young Sheldon: A Subtle Detail Hints George’s Affair Has Already Started

CBS’ Young Sheldon hint that George (Lance Barber), affair has already begun. Thanks to Jim Parsons’ stories on The Big Bang Theory, which also included his cheating scandal, some of Cooper’s future story has been decided. Young Sheldon is able to tell its story in a way that’s most creative, since the original sitcom didn’t go into too many details.

Sheldon’s memories of his father painted George as a bad dad. Mary (Laurie Metcalf’s) stories about her husband on The Big Bang Theory support this view. She didn’t miss any opportunity to make fun of him, even though he was dead for many years. Fans were clearly confused when Young Sheldon contradicted them by creating a flawed, but decent family man in George. CBS understands that they will eventually have to reconcile both versions of the character. This is especially important considering Sheldon’s trauma of watching his father have sexual relations with another woman.

According to the show’s timeline, this horrifying moment will not occur for a few years. However, The Big Bang Theory may have inadvertently started the Cooper patriarch’s infidelity practices. Since their flirtatious encounter at the local pub in season 5, tension has existed between them. It’s clear that Brenda is attracted to George. The prequel continues to play with the idea, as they try to keep each other out of their lives. Their interaction in Young Sheldon episode 11 “A Lock-In. A Weather Girl. And a Disgusting Habit” suggests they have already crossed the line. Their conversation seemed more awkward and curt than they had been on-screen before, suggesting that they may have had a secret relationship in the past.

Young Sheldon was in the last scene of their reunion. He went over to Brenda’s house and fixed it up. Their conversation became awkward when Brenda was a bit too flirtatious. However, they were able tame the situation back down. It’s strange that their last interaction was more intense than usual. They are also trying to avoid one another, something they haven’t done in the past despite growing mutual attraction. This could indicate that there is some kind of relationship between them that isn’t being revealed yet by the sitcom. Young Sheldon isn’t showing them together yet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing something behind the scenes. The story remains focused on the Cooper family. These moments may be revealed in flashbacks, assuming that is true.

No matter what the case, it is vital that Young Sheldon addresses George’s infidelity. Because he was caught on the act, it was a pivotal moment for Sheldon. The spin-off is trying to justify George’s cheating scandal by making fun of him and emphasizing the hardships he has had to support his family. The Big Bang Theory spinoff is even allowing Mary (Zoe Perry), to have an affair to reduce the negative impact on her husband’s extramarital relationships. The telling interactions between George, Brenda and Mary suggest that there is something more beneath the surface.




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